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Let's ship a baby to production! #20170101

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aimee-ault commented March 29, 2016

It's official. Through exhaustive pair programming, there's a baby on the way! But it's still in development and needs a bunch more features before it can go live. Right now it's just some stubs! Baby's going to need:

  • 2 super excited parents

  • A heartbeat

  • Some nubby little arms and legs

  • A fully fused spinal cord

  • A whole lot of folate!

  • Lots of love

  • Lots of barfing, extreme fatigue, headaches, and hormones for mom.

  • Bones, organs, billions of brain cells

  • A functioning placenta

  • A secured staging environment for the next 7-9 months

  • An awesome doctor

  • Lots of preparation

  • Breasfteeding class!

  • An awesome doula

  • A name!

  • Clothes (though we're graciously accepting donations via our registry on Amazon if you'd like to see a baby dressed in adorable winter clothing)

  • A nursery

  • Birth!

Stay tuned as we develop, QA, and ultimately ship our tiny human to production January 1, 2017!

aimee-ault commented May 15, 2016

This new Baby model seems to have a bug. It can be easily reproduced--but only in particular regions such as Denmark and Iceland--just wake up and eat. Without fail, leads to critical amounts of regurgitation and unstable activity on its Parent relation. We'll need to deploy a fix pronto.

janxious commented May 16, 2016

I think we're missing a callback on Baby

after_create :apply_ginger_to_host
def apply_ginger_to_host
  parent.eat_ginger if parent.has_nausea?
janxious commented June 8, 2016

Baby's heartbeat detected! 160 beats per minute! It works!

aimee-ault commented June 24, 2016
Baby definitely appears to be working! Legs and arms functioning! And I know singleton patterns are usually frowned upon, but this is going to be one awesome singleton we have in progress!
aimee-ault commented July 17, 2016
15-week quad screen results came back low risk for spina bifida and other neural tube defects, Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18! Good job, team!
aimee-ault commented July 23, 2016
It's a boy!
janxious commented August 5, 2016

Can we add some more specs and possibly benchmark everything? The Baby class has definitely grown significantly and we don't currently have full code coverage.

janxious commented August 5, 2016

Nice! Baby is shaping up great. And it looks like we're right on our estimated development schedule too. This is still looking good to ship on January 1, 2017!

aimee-ault commented August 16, 2016
Happy halfway there day, Tiny Human!
janxious commented September 12, 2016

Happy viability day, Tiny Human!

aimee-ault commented November 24, 2016
Just some final QA left, I believe! Babby appears to be mostly self-sustaining at this point and should be able to ship on time.

aimee-ault commented January 7, 2017
A few days late, but what software release isn't? Shipped on 1/7/17!
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